As I come across good examples, I will be posting photos of CD 128 insulators in their natural habitat. If you have images you wish to share, please send me a link via the Contact form or provide me with your email address so an attachment can be obtained. Thanks!

Toronto, Canada

Abandoned line with CD 128 Pyrex and 154s. Photo was taken in Toronto in the East Don River valley close to here. Photo courtesy of Don Smith Photography.

Yukon Territory, Canada

CD 128 and 154 insulators along the Alaska Highway near Haines Junction. Photo courtesy of Mike Fissel at



Nice selection of CD 128 SAFNVs along with several 154 Whitall Tatums. Photo courtesy of Bernie Warren.

SE of Parana, Entre Rios, Argentina

A good friend of mine, Bernie Warren, made two trips to Argentina in the mid 90s to look for 128s. They came across a couple abandoned lines from which they were able to retrieve a number of unembossed pieces in various colors.


Getting some help from the local Telecom depot manager. Photos courtesy of Bernie Warren.

Maria Grande, Entre Rios, Argentina

Taking down 128s from a dead line in Maria Grande. Line ran north/south through Vaile. Photos courtesy of Bernie Warren.


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